Premier Skirting

The Fall Collection 2015

Linen is the foundation for every event.  The most effective way to transform a venue from ordinary to extraordinary is through the table linens.  Table linens are essential in giving your party that extra "pop" that you've been searching for.


Pillow Queen event booth

Premier's pillow booth is new and fun entertainment for all events.


Whether it’s a spectacular event or replenishing your napkin supply, Premier Skirting Products is dedicated to being your source for all your table linen requirements. We are much more than a linen company. Event planners world-wide look to Premier to offer the latest styles in table-tops. Hotels, resorts, country clubs, and catering halls depend upon our outstanding service.  We provide fine quality at a reasonable price. Through teamwork and innovation, our goal is not only to exceed the expectations of the most discerning customers, but to exceed the even more demanding expectations we’ve placed upon ourselves. You are about to enter the Premier world of table linens.