Premier Skirting Products Inc.

Premier Skirting is a family run business that originally started in Europe.  Established in New York in 1968, the company has had one mission from the beginning: to provide the best quality, service, and price for table linens and accessories.

Premier Skirting is one of the finest, most creative manufacturers of table cloths, table skirting, runners and napkins in the industry.  While we are still happy to service private clients for their homes, our specialty is table linen rentals for the event industry. Leading party planners depend on us to transform a venue through table linens.  Whether the event is a Wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Anniversary Celebration, Baby Shower, etc. our linens provide the WOW factor every time.

We are also highly regarded by the finest hotel establishments in the country who depend on us for their house linens.

Premier Skirting is a full service company that manufactures on site at our warehouse in Lawrence, New York and sees clients by appointment.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we've built over the past four decades and look forward to building new relationships that meet the unique needs of each and every client.  We stand by our products! We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver a quality product on time, each and every time.